Story Corner

Submit a Story of your own! This first one is by ♫ Freaki Fruit ♫

Once, there were three cockapoo brothers and sisters. Their names were Champ, Mario, and Lexi. There were two adults who owned them, and, as pricey as second generation cockapoos are, they were giving them away for free! There was one girl, her name was Frani, and she had always wanted a puppy, so when she saw the free puppies, she asked her mother if she could pick one out. Her mother said, "Well, yes, but he is your responsiblity. That means you feed him, bathe him, and, er, clean up his buisness." "Yes!" Frani squealed with joy. She went over to the two adults, and asked, "what are their names?" "Champ, Mario, and Lexi," they said pointing to each one. Frani fell in love with the one named Champ. Later that day, a girl named Maria came along and asked her mother the same. "Well, okay, but they don't shed, right? Your father is alergic to dog hair, you know," her mother sighed. Maria fell in love with the one named Lexi. Even later that day a boy came along. His name was Joey. He picked up Mario, and then Mario nipped him. "Ow! Mommy, I want this one!" Then his mother replied, "Yes, you can keep the cute little thing."

Maria and Frani were friends, so when they told each other that they got cockapoo puppies, they knew that their cockapoos were brother and sister! "I wonder where their other brother is?" Maria asked. "I think I know!" Frani stated. "My brother's friend had to stay home because he got a new dog who was nipping his fingers off! We know were Mario is!" So from then on, they all got together to let the puppies play, and knowing that, eventually, Mario would either stop nipping, or bite off Joey's finger.